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Engie launches 1GW India joint venture

Engie launches 1GW India joint venture

INDIA: Engie is teaming up with investors the Abraaj Group to develop a portfolio of wind projects totalling more than 1GW.

China Three Gorges seeks greater stake in EDP, reports suggest

China Three Gorges seeks greater stake in EDP, reports suggest

PORTUGAL: Two Chinese shareholders in developer EDP, have sought insight from the Portuguese government about a possible increase in the company's share capital, according to an article published in the local business press.

Dietswell wins €2.4 million grant for semi-submersible floating platform

Dietswell wins €2.4 million grant for semi-submersible floating platform

FRANCE: Energy engineering company Dietswell has been awarded a €2.4 million grant from the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) to further develop a semi-submersible floating platform.

Enercon sheds jobs in Austria

AUSTRIA: Enercon is shedding 63 employees and 70 temporary workers in the installation division of its Austrian subsidiary.

First turbine installed at Blyth test site

UK: The first turbine has been installed at the Blyth Offshore Demonstrator site 6.5 kilometres off the coast of northeast England.

SGRE receives 97MW order in Argentina

ARGENTINA: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has won an order for 97MW at phases III and IV of the Arauco wind complex in the northwest of the country.

Last turbine installed at Rampion

UK: The last of 116 turbines has been installed at E.on's 400MW Rampion wind farm located 13 kilometres off the coast of southern England.

Increase in EU climate policy support

EUROPE: A majority of citizens support the European Union's policies to tackle climate change, an opinion poll has found.

General Motors signs 200MW power off-take deal

UNITED STATES: General Motors (GM) is buying 200MW of output from two wind projects to power its manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Indiana.

Karnataka tariff change upsets investors

INDIA: The Karnataka state electricity regulator has reduced the feed-in-tariff for wind from INR 4.50/kWh ($0.07kWh) to INR 3.73/kWh ($0.058/kWh) putting roughly 600MW of projects in jeopardy.

Germany's third onshore auction launched

GERMANY: A third and final German auction round of 2017 has been launched to source up to 1GW of capacity, but future auction rounds face a rule change to combat the dominance of citizen projects.

Vattenfall CFO leaves for EWE

SWEDEN: Vattenfall chief financial officer Stefan Dohler will leave the state-owned energy supplier to become the new CEO of German energy company EWE.

Greensolver and Smart Blade in vortex generator deal

FRANCE: Project operator Greensolver and German manufacturer Smart Blade have formed a strategic partnership for providing products and services to the wind industry.

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Latest Turbine Deals On Windpower Intelligence

Last updated 11 August 2017

ProjectCountryCapacityDeveloperTurbineOnline yearDate reported
Shandianhe II China 99MW China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Vestas V110-2.0MW 2017 11/08/2017
Willogoleche Australia 119MW Engie GE Renewable Energy 3.8MW & 3.4MW 2018 07/08/2017
Cactus Flats US 148MW Southern Power Vestas V126-3.45MW 2018 03/08/2017
Windcatcher US 2GW Invenergy GE Renewable Energy 2020 28/07/2017
Espiers Nordex 18MW EDF Energies Nouvelles Nordex N117/3600 2018 26/07/2017
Guilleville Nordex 17.7MW EDF Energies Nouvelles Nordex N117/3600, N117/3300 2018 26/07/2017
Tizimin Mexico 75.6MW Fuerza y Energía Limpia de Tizimín SGRE G114-2.1MW 2018 24/07/2017
Meerhout Belgium 10.2MW Engie Electrabel Senvion 3.4M114 2017 10/05/2017
Tolo 1 Indonesia 72MW Equis Energy SGRE SWT-3.6-130 2018 21/07/2017
Bermejo Spain 12.6MW DISA Duna SGRE G114-2.1MW 2018 19/07/2017
Vera de Abote Spain 10.5MW DISA Duna SGRE G114-2.1MW 2018 19/07/2017
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