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News & in-depth analysis of wind power and renewable energy markets, power purchase agreements, transmission networks, energy storage, substations, supply interruption and transmission failures.

Japan plans wind-driven hydrogen project

Japan plans wind-driven hydrogen project

JAPAN: A demonstration project designed to create hydrogen from wind power has been launched in Yokohama.

Cross-party consensus sought for Australian policy

Cross-party consensus sought for Australian policy

AUSTRALIA: Political leaders have backed a joint effort to reform Australia's energy market, following recommendations by chief scientist Alan Finkel in May.

Siemens to build DolWin6

Siemens to build DolWin6

GERMANY: Transmission specialist Siemens will provide the platform and technology for the 900MW DolWin6 offshore wind link in the North Sea.

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Envision Energy forms partnership with Microsoft

WORLDWIDE: Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Envision Energy has formed a partnership with technology giants Microsoft and Accenture in an internet of things (IoT) programme.

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National Grid sees subsidy-free offshore wind by 2040

UK: In its 2017 Future Energy Scenarios (FES) report, the UK's transmission operator, National Grid, predicts offshore wind could be subsidy free in the UK before 2040.

Siemens and AES form storage partnership

UNITED STATES: Siemens and US-firm AES have formed an electricity storage joint venture named Fluence.

Trade bodies call for continued priority dispatch

EUROPE: A group of European renewable energy trade bodies have signed a joint statement calling for the continued use of priority dispatch, following a report by an MEP.

Tesla to provide South Australia battery at Hornsdale

AUSTRALIA: Electric car manufacturer Tesla has been awarded the contract to supply a 100MW/129MWh battery system to the South Australia grid, connected to the Hornsdale Wind complex.

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Viewpoint: Wind should learn from solar PV on storage

WORLDWIDE: Battery-storage technology has very high public visibility at present for several reasons.

Cheap power, brutal competition

UNITED STATES: With low gas prices pushing down wholesale prices, developers are finding utilities are keener to buy wind farms than the power they generate.

Lithium boom puts spotlight on Chile

CHILE: As growing interest in electric cars and energy-storage drives up global demand for lithium, companies with concessions to exploit Chile's vast resources could find themselves in an enviable position if the government loosens restrictions.


The shape of things to come

WORLDWIDE: The turbines being installed today represent a massive technological advance in size, generating capacity and reliability over those from just ten years ago. So what will the next ten years bring?

Blockchain reaction: what's in it for wind?

WORLDWIDE: The energy world is exploring the use of blockchain technology to exchange electricity between generator and customer without the need for a go-between.

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